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Thread: tarzan physhics question

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    Originally posted by drunkenmaster2000
    lol, I only just saw my typo in the thread title Don't think I'm stupid, But maths had probably beaten me in that evenings knife battle, and left me weary.

    be able to add the gravity calculations for a rigid arm system, and from there, decide if I want to do a sprung-arm one too (which would be cool)
    that sounds cool
    never mind about that typo,i had much worse ones at late hour posts
    by the way: i didn´t have a look at your thingy before,but now,and its just plain wicked,played around with it for ten minutes,
    keep it up

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    Thanks for you comments, Tom.

    I managed to get the swinging gravity working, and while I was doing that, I increased the game area to 2x2 screens, and jammed in some code that would centre the player on the screen.

    And now I've got the basic swing movement working, I can start adding more gameplay elements, and movement limits. I've got to redo the grapple firing mechanism, as it currently puts the grapple on the parent level to the character, and it makes it impossible to limit the length of the rope properly, so I'm gonna have to recode that so it stays relative to the character, this should make aiming your grapple much easier too.

    Now I just gotta decide what the target of the game will be, I've got a couple of ideas, but as they say; the first 99% of a game takes 99% of the time, and the other 1% takes 99% more.

    I update it most nights, so feel free to grab a peek every now and then.

    When I get it a bit more game like, I'll open a new thread for it.

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