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Thread: Bending Text

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    Bending Text

    HI all I am trying to fit some text around a circle, i.e. create the same effect as wordart does in MS Word. Any ideas cheers

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    not a great flash talent. I would create it in one of the following.

    illustrator (you may have to save down to version 6 or so for flash to read it.)

    macromedia freehand, should be no compatability problem there

    or I suspect in word art maybe you can save as a wmf?
    If not it may be an option in illustration programs a lot cheaper than illustrator and freehand.

    then just use file/import

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    if you're using MX, you can do this.....
    create your path on one layer, when you are happy with the shape, lock the guide layer
    on the next layer create your text, and place the text so the first letter sits at the start of the path
    brek apart twice (CTRL+B, CTRL+B)
    now with text selected, use the free transform tool with the envelope modifier, and move the middle anchor point to line up with the path
    now make the bottom envelope line up with the path, the left edge of the envelope should be a right angles to the initial path, repeat for the right edge
    you can now get rid of the guide layer

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