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Thread: Freelance Web Designer Looking for Work

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    Freelance Web Designer Looking for Work


    My name is Tim Lu. I am a freelace web designer currently looking for work. I am skilled at HTML, Javascript, CSS, Flash and actionscript, Photoshop, and more. If anyone has a project they would like completed, please e-mail me at: timhlu@yahoo.com

    Check out my site for more information:

    I look forward to hearing from you guys,

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    when u get some work let me know i could use some too

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    email me, Alex@NOSPAMnotthistime.com remove the NOSPAM, I did it so the spider bots dont get me, I advise you do it too

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    timhlu, please post threads of this nature in the board room. I have moved it this time for you.


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    I do not have a portfolio, but I'm willing to design anyone's site for $50. I am doing this for so cheap because I want to get some experience.



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    please read this thread.

    Free work or ridiculously cheap work is all well and good for enhancing your portfolio but it cripples you in the future.

    If you did a site for someone this week for 50, do you think when they come back to you for changes in the future and your work is much better, you are going to charge them 50 again.

    Do you think that a few days spent doing a site for 50 will leave you with enough money to feed your wife and kids (if / when you have them).

    Please don't undervalue yourself in this way, it puts it across that your cheap and rubbish (I don't think you are at all but its the perception that people will see - he's cheap, that must mean he's no good).

    Why not contact a few non profit organisations or charities, they are always looking for free or cheap work and you will get much more satisfaction from it than for doing a site for car exhausts / squirrel baiting / random chickens etc.


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    Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them.


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    also a good way to build your portfolio is find a site, and pretend they are your client and redesign it. then when you finish you can offer it to them. if they dont want it, its ok b/c u now have something to put in your portfolio with which others can evaluate you.
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    MG315, that's a great idea....

    I wish i had though of that when I was 20 in college and needed a buck!

    I actually do that now with a different web technology and it works great! I can't say what it is i'm doing, but I have full confidence in putting the time in to build something good because it's 200 times easier to sell yourself when you have a product to back it up!

    Client's love seeing their own name on something sweet!

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