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Thread: Good video on the web:

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    Good video on the web:

    Thought I would start a new stickie in the hopes that others would share some of the better video they have found on the web.

    I'll start it off - a friend turned me onto this site today:

    www.bethorton.mu/ // Goto the video link on the upper right - It's Quicktime/Flash. Made with Live Stage Pro.

    This is very good as well:

    http://www.vw.com/newbeetle/convertible/flash.htm // Flash video.

    I don't think the focus of this forum needs to be just Flash video, I would love to see more discussion and exploration of different forms of Flash integration with video.

    Broadcast, Flash combined with QT, QTVR's, Windoze Medium (rare), Real - whatever.

    Flash is not the end all when it comes to video delivery, it has it's valued place - for sure. I personally believe that QuickTime is the most versatile and offers the best overall quality at similar data rates. I find myself working with QT much more than Flash (and it's much less time consuming I might add).

    My favorite software (besides Flash of course) has to be a tie between the Sorenson-3 Suite and QT Pro. Both cheap and easy to use (your sophmoric joke goes here).

    It really depends on the need, I don't recommend doing Flash because you can - but using it because it's the best solution for your requirements is proper justification. I guess I'm saying - don't force it, use it if it's right.

    Anyway, my .02c.
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