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Thread: Go easy on me =)

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    Hi, I'm pretty much new here to the boards at Flashkit though I've been visiting the site for a little while. I consider myself a beginner entering mediocracy concerning Flash. The link I'm posting is to my own design concepts for a catholic organization that hired me to design their website. I'm 17 years old. Please give me any tips or constructive criticism that you think will help.

    Again, the link I'm posting is not the actual site, it's just my own ideas for it. Their logo is the cross and compass that is featured after the pseudo/false loading screen (Didn't have time to make it yet)

    The navigation is done through the letters of the compass. The "N" is the only link that thus far, but the mouse-overs work for all 4 letters. My idea is to have the cross turn towards the letter that is clicked on, and then the entire nav will move to some area of the screen (probably "N" goes to the top, "E" goes to the right and so on).

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    members.aol.com/JGsMuffinMan/demo.swf (sorry, you have to copy and paste into the browser)

    P.S. I also intend on giving the site a different cursor.
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    awh c'mon please? Someone respond...

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    I changed your link to the aol site, perhaps it's not not correct in the first place.

    We can't see anything, can you change the link?


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    mg33 - by adding the "Http://www." to the rest of the link, you screwed it up. The address is simply "members.aol.com/jgsmuffinman/demo.swf"

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    well, the link does not work how you have it.

    why should it work without an http or a www???

    never mind, I see that you said it has to be copied and pasted.


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    heya Sonic Dreamer,

    same as you, i'm pretty new here though snooping around the flashkit site for almost a year now...

    i did a navigation similar to yours once
    (www.puresin.de/flash). it was an experimental approach to
    alternative navigation systems, and as far as i know, it
    worked out not that bad as one might think.

    it worked only for a certain audience, though. most of the
    users who tested the interface had the following problems :

    a) where is the navigation ?
    b) why is it moving ( i can't hit the right button, even if i find it )
    c) how can i go back where i was

    maybe those help you deciding if you want to "break the
    rules" and create a navigation system like you did.

    if you decide to keep it, try to make it more usable keeping
    in mind :

    the user has to know which part of the site is the
    navigation interface (yours is nice but it doesn't really
    look like the most important thing on the site.)

    try to make the links more visible. the user has to know
    exactly where to move his mouse cursor, where to click
    to get whatever information he/she needs.

    do you need more than a third of the avaible space of the
    screen for your navigation?

    your thought about moving the navigation towards the
    direction the arrowheads / point of the compass is nice,
    but by moving the navigation to different locations oin the screen you'll confuse the user.

    keep it simple, keep it conspicuous and keep it at one place


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