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Thread: HELP!!! ...need to get flash player

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    HELP!!! ...need to get flash player

    I was testing my website and needed to remove flash player from my pc to test whether the page that would appear for users who don't have flash player installed appears right. It worked and it appeared great, but now I can't go back I want my flash.

    I used Macromedia's Flash Player Remover to remove flash's activeX file. Here's the linkhttp://www.macromedia.com/support/fl...faq.htm#remove).

    ...and now I can't get flash to display in Internet Explorer. HELP! I'm using IE 6 on WindowsXP Pro. I tried rebooting, installing IE 6 again. Installed Service Pack 1 for IE6. Nothing. I also tried using the flash player installer that comes with Flash MX in the "Players" folder. All I see is an outline where flash movies should appear in webpages. Now I'm stuck using Opera 7 as my browser for flash content sites -it works, but I want IE mainly because many pages don't appear right...one of which is mine :|

    Any suggestions? Both files in the directory (C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash) are there: Flash.ocx (808KB) and swflash.ocx (396KB)

    Whenever I go to Macromedia's page to install flash, I hit the install player button and get the warning box, chose 'yes' of course, but nothing...just that rectangular outline where the flash movie normally would appear saying it was success.

    I'm desperate now...

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    did you try to re-download and install the flash player? http://www.macromedia.com/software/flashplayer/

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    Thanks for replying...

    Yep, I tried using the online installer and downloading the installer (flashplayer6_winax.exe). When I run the local installer I get this error message once it's done: "INF Install Failure. Reason: Unkown" ...I think Macromedia had a small typo with the word 'Unknown'

    update: I made page using javascript that checks if you have flash player installed. If yes, then go to flash.htm if not, then go to no_flash.htm. I got flash.htm -so javascript certainly sees flash player installed and yet IE does't display it.

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