ok, so I've been travelling around for the last few weeks... I noticed that my iBook was acting a bit funny after that idiot at the airport decided to drop it.

heck, my iBook has been dropped more times than a neglected child, and it bounced back. not this time.

So, me being the enterprising sort... I take it a apart... and man... a screw falls out. I figured out where it came from, and thought... hey, why not replace the hard drive with a bigger one while I'm at it...


now the thing REALLY doesn't boot.

so... should I send it to apple to get fixed? or should I just keep tinkering? Or what?

oh, and I'm in a place that doesn't do repairs on macs... no apple replacement centers around me for at least 500 miles...

decisions, decisions, decisions. anybody have a guesstimate on how much this will cost!? I just want my baby back