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    I need to know how to do a photoshop grid in an image without tracing it... like this horizontal grid here:

    If anyone could help me that would be great.


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    Create a new PS document.
    Turn on the grid.
    Do a screenshot (Print Screen)
    Crop as necessary.
    Put the grid on top of a image and change the layer option to Overlay.

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    god, i'm retarded

    thank you

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    Thats one way to do it. (*NOTE Have the image your applying this to open.) The way I would do it lol is just make a new image (Transparent) whatever width you need. Then set the hight to 5 pixels draw a line right down the center of your new file. Hit ctrl + A to select the new image Then go to edit > define pattern then go to the image you applying this to Hit ctrl + A to select the whole image or use the wand to do whatever your going to fill go back to edit > fill and you have your scanlines

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