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Thread: loading arabic text within a dynamic text field -new-

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    loading arabic text within a dynamic text field -new-

    i know that this subject has been opened many times before.. but this is new!!!

    i want a dynamic text field to load a variable.. which is loaded from an external text file...

    i need to use an arabic font, and as all of u know that flash MX doesn't support arabic fonts.. so i used "alrassam" software to write the text i want...

    when i export my file to swf.. the text has missing letters and strange charachters.. so what i think is that there are special charachters within my text file... these special charachters can't be read by flash - or something like that-..

    what i want to know is:
    1- r there special charachters the text file shouldn't have??
    2- what r the other software that does the job of "alrassam"..
    please don't say "al waseet".. coz it doesn't
    support "tashkeel". :-) if u kbow arabic u'll know what that

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    Well MX should.

    Swish can handle unicode but only IF the operating system
    is NT flavor (Win2k, XP) (Not 98/ME)
    As I understand it. (I have flash5 not MX) MX should be capable of this feature as well.

    Let me ask around see what I can find out,,,

    As far as device fonts they come via the browser.
    If the browser supports arabic fonts then the swf should should display them.


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    I have not used special character. But I have used the character which Show "Ya Allah" , "Bismillah" and so so. For that I converted them to shapes, graphic symbols in Flash.
    And if you interested in loading any special characters.
    the in you TRXT Box properties you see a button "Character" options click on it and select "Only" after that check all other and in "All these characters" put any other characters you want. But if you want to display full sentences I am not sure if this will work..

    hope it helps..
    or may be someone who knows ARABIC he may help ya..


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    Essex, England

    unicode did it..

    thanks guys...
    when i saved the text file as UNIcode.. the font worked fine..

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    Arabic problem

    dear all Hi!

    Im new to this forum..trying to find out that what should I do in order to display arabic contents dynamically in my SWF...... Will apprecaite a quick reply...


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