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Thread: What is best frame rate to import quicktime

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    What is best frame rate to import quicktime

    I am going to be given a quicktime movie and have been asked the framerate at which that quicktime movie should be prior to going into Flash. Can someone please help.

    From reading other posts, it looks like I should try to export this from Flash at 24fps. Correct? (even though it is based by machine and Flash player)

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    What are you trying to use it for?
    You may want to try and match the framerate of your Flash output. If you're bringing this into a Flash website, then you may want to match the framerate of your site.
    If you're using it as web video then you have to decide what bitrate you're encoding it for. The higher the framerate, the larger the file size.
    If you're using it for CD, then other considerations apply.

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