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Thread: audio glitches in Squeeze-encoded video

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    audio glitches in Squeeze-encoded video

    I've been encoding some video for Flash MX, using Cleaner 6 and then Sorenson Squeeze 3.

    I took one dv clip into Cleaner and made a full length mov file (3 mins) and also an excerpt (20 sec). These mov files are both fine.

    I then compressed these in Squeeze as FLVs to import into Flash. The short excerpt publishes fine, but the full version, which includes that same bit of footage, publishes with little dropouts in the audio. They happen in the same spot each time I try, in the long version only.

    I've had the same problem with different clips, which come from a mini-dv tape that was a transfer from Beta-SP tape (originally telecined from 16mm film).

    Any thoughts on this mysterious problem would be much appreciated!


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    Do the dropouts happen on all computers (or at least more than one)?
    Try changing the audio settings (sampling rate and bitrate) and see if that changes anything.


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    It has happened on 2 computers. I've also tried working off an internal hard drive & an external one.

    I've done all sorts of experiments with settings, was just hoping to see if anyone had experienced anything similar before trying more, but thanks.


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