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Thread: Swish on Virtual PC with Windows

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    Swish on Virtual PC with Windows

    Has anyone tried Swish on a Mac using Virtual PC? I am using VP5.0.4 with Windows 2000. I have downloaded through the windows system swish 2.01. I load it to windows 2000 and cannot open the program I keep getting swish2.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program.

    I would love to run swish this way as I have a 933mHz machine compared to my pc which runs at 200mHz.

    If anyone with Windows 2000 has run up against this kind of problem I would love a suggestion to get swish open and running,


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    Swish on Virtual PC on Mac

    Right there with you buddy, but I've got it functioning pretty well. I'm on a Dual 867 running 10.2.4, Virtual PC 6 XP HOME, and Swish 2.0. No problems really.

    I really wish Swish (Australian company?) would make a MAC version, but after two years they still won't do it. I've complained believe me...

    My suggestion would be to upgrade. 2000 shouldn't be a problem but who knows right?

    Good luck. Let me know what you come up with as a solution.

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    Re: Swish on Virtual PC with Windows

    Well .. from jmoraga's post it sounds like SWISH on Virtual PC works jsut fine. That's good to hear. I would expect earlier version of SWISH v2 to fail on a virtual PC due to the crypkey licensing software we were using then.

    If you've got problems on Windows 2000, please raise a support call. It should work just fine. David Michie (out mighty-leader) uses Windows 2000 for his development platform, so it should work. It is POSSIBLE that you may need a service pack or update to the common controls (IE) or need to ensure you have up to date graphics drivers.
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