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Thread: Exceptional mood

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    Pessimistic ebullience evan224's Avatar
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    Exceptional mood

    Is today not a good day?

    I have an uber cute girlfriend
    Girlfriend's parents love me (hey, there's a first time for everything!)
    I just finalised my thesis topic
    My thesis topic lets me work in industry
    My thesis topic totally intrigues and challenges me
    The University loves it
    About to be paid a big wad of cash for some freelancing I did
    Going to see Ben Folds live tonight - and don't have to drive
    It is a spectacular day outside
    It's a very good hair day (hey these things count!)
    Australia won the world cup of cricket
    Just destroyed the Strong Chinese in CivIII
    It's a pity about the war, but I can't help these things
    It couldn't be much of a better day, now could it?

    I'm a very happy boy at the moment,


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    King of Cool wouter999's Avatar
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    Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    That's very nice I suppose, albeit a bit ironic...

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    Who else thinks Evan takes those anti-sleep pills?

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    supervillain gerbick's Avatar
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    you know... it's been a while since a feel good thread:
    • found out my contract includes a new notebook - a 17 inch Apple Powerbook!!
      I got a cobalt Gameboy Advance SP
      I got a new cable box/digital recorder via my cable TV provider
      I've finished two beta tests
      I got a new juice extractor
      I found a CD I've been looking for ages today
      I got my new weight bench
      I finally cooked one of my mother's recipes as well as she does
      My frisbee landed in the lap of a beautiful woman today - yep, got them digits. now, let's hope she's not psycho
      My carpet, house, and bathroom are super clean
      I've finally figured out an Flash/XML issue I've been working on for about 3 weeks
      My nieces are coming down for a summer trip
      My refridgerator is full - that means no travelling for a while

    now. only to last for the next few months through my upcoming ordeal, it'll be all good.

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    Well, I would tell ya all the good things that have happened to me recently...its just that there arn't any. The week or two has been really crappy, but it is steadly getting better...so I guess that is good.
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    Same here my friend, i'm in a great mood. The weather, school, and personal life. In fact, a large exam I have coming up; I just found out it is a co-op test. Additionally, since I have the lowest average of the class, no matter who I work with, I'll benefit!

    Life is good.


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    Originally posted by hockyfan
    [BIn fact, a large exam I have coming up; I just found out it is a co-op test. Additionally, since I have the lowest average of the class, no matter who I work with, I'll benefit!
    ahahaha, funniest post in at least...97 months!

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    Originally posted by alty29
    ahahaha, funniest post in at least...97 months!
    I try my best to help keep you guys entertained. Even if it's at my own expense..


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    insane root
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    ben folds ROCKS!

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