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Thread: DHTML Layer over Flash?

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    DHTML Layer over Flash?

    Trying to get a drop down dhtml layer containing a flash movie to appear in front of flash content in an html page, like those floaty flash ads you see everywhere.

    Never actually seen this technique appearing over another flash movie. Is it possible to have a layer appear over the top of flash?

    Tried changing z order but does nothing, even if the background flash movie is put into a layer of it's own and moved down the z order below the drop down layer.



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    I don't know of anything that covers flash...

    I don't know about dhtml.. just use div layers.

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    Take a look at http://flash-abovo.narod.ru/embed.htm
    If you like it, I will give you all the sources

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    Yea, like gSOLO_01 said , by div layer, you can do DHTML. The trick is wmode=transparent.

    I dont like it because it is not so cross-browser compatible.

    Here is an example:
    (Only for IE);
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    Thanks guys
    ericlin, tried your example - it's basically the way we've done it but thats what seems to be causing the trouble. If I remove wmode the layer works fine, but we lose the alpha transparency in the flash movie. Stick it back in, and the movie is faded back but behind everything again.
    Also tried an active-x bit of script, which makes the layer transparent but without touching the flash movie. Put both active-x and wmode in and you end up back to square one, with it behind everything again. But bizarrely even more transparent.


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    What do you mean by "behind everything" ? Is'nt it in front of everything ?

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    No, what's in front are the flash movies that I want to stay behind the dropdown. Removing wmode on the dropdown solves the layer order, but I lose the transparency on the dropdown flash movie - an essential requirement of the client. It's starting to look like it's a case of one or the other.

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    I've got another one for ya, I'm trying to make the Flash go over a java applet and its having none of it, even though the layer order is lower... Here is the thread I started, maybe one of you knows how to solve it? http://www.flashkit.com/board/showth...1&goto=newpost

    Thanks in advance,
    Keith Winter

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    I could be wrong, but don't think you can't still overlap an applet and a flash movie, both using activeX or whatever else it was I read about!

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    Originally posted by cr0m
    Removing wmode on the dropdown solves the layer order, but I lose the transparency on the dropdown flash movie - an essential requirement of the client. It's starting to look like it's a case of one or the other.
    OR... u cud make a huge rectangle shape in your movie and give it the same colour ar your moviebg and keep it on the bottom most layer.

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    Thanx dudes, we went the route of javascript instead of flash in the end. Works like a dream now...

    Is it just me or are others getting kinda hacked off with the limitations of what should be trivial, fundamental things in software these days?

    c ya


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    cr0m,you´re totally right,macromedia´s right click policy pi**es me off.
    í want to create a page where i mainly use flash (together with php/xml etc.,but the main page is a windowsized swf) and its just not possible to add the functionality that i have with a normal html page.don´t get me wrong,i´m a long time flash user and love flash but hey,if its just not possible to do your own custom right click menu that makes me think about usability and flash again.
    i tried many things like making the swf´s background tranparent so the html page shines through,dhtml tickery and what not else but couldn´t get a cool solution that actually works for all cases (the best i could get was having a right click menu which works on the swf area but only if you click somewhere where there´s no shape inside the swf)
    crOm,glad you could get around this by using a javascript solution,

    is there anyone who got further with placing a layer above flash/creating own custom right click menus?

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