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Thread: Gear?

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    Got a question about gear.

    I'm wondering is anybody is currently using a dual monitor setup and, if so, how FLASH behaves in this environment.

    In addition, I'm wondering if a dual processor machine will effect (positively) efficiency while working in FLASH.

    Say TWO 2.0GHz processors, or, would one 2.8GHz processor be better?
    Both using 1GB,DDR266 SDRAM.

    Also using Photoshop.

    Any thoughts?

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    I run dual 17" monitors and flash behaves normally in it. The only time it becomes a bit funky is when you use the fullscreen command because it puts the movie in the middle of the monitor display so half of the movie appears on the left monitor and half on the right.

    This is simply because it picks up on my resolution (2560*1024) and puts it in the middle. I would imagine there is a way around this but I've never looked.

    If it's in a browser window then there's no problem (unless again, it's a pop window set to sniff out the resolution and centre it according to the results) just open it as normal in one of the monitors

    As for other dual gear, I've got none
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    I gather you like the workspace that the two monitors provide you?

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    The last place I worked, I had a dual monitor setup on my G3 and I LOVED IT! I miss it like a child. Being able to throw all the palettes onto one monitor and actually utilize the entire main monitor to work on the stage/image/etc. without shuffling the GUI around definitely improved my efficiency.

    For me, this held true for any app. with floating palettes (Flash, Director, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.).


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    Thanks for the insite!

    Anyone running a dual processor machine have any comments?

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    Originally posted by monsterfx
    Being able to throw all the palettes onto one monitor and actually utilize the entire main monitor to work on the stage/image/etc. without shuffling the GUI around definitely improved my efficiency.
    That's what I love about it. You don't realize how much space all that stuff takes up until you drag it over onto another monitor. Although the MX series docking palettes have certainly helped with that issue.

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    Originally posted by hothousegraphix
    Thanks for the insite!

    Anyone running a dual processor machine have any comments?
    All i know is that when using dual processors, you dont just add up the processing power of each to get a total, the programs and systems you use must utilize both processors to make a difference. without that, you are running on just one while the other sits there.
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    That's what I understand, unless the software is optimized for a dual processor environment, i.e. PHOTOSHOP, and all you requisite 3D apps. running a machine with two 3.0GHz processors would be pretty silly since the second processor would most likely sit idle while the first handled all the work.

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    I've used dual monitors for over a year now and I've loved it so much that a family member donated a third! Working in Flash is wonderful in this environment.

    I use my middle monitor right now at 1600x900 resolution which is wonderful for working on my current project which has about 40 layers. I devote the middle monitor to the timeline and can view all of it-in preview mode! The right hand monitor (800x600) is used for drawing, etc and the left hand monitor hosts the actions palette when I'm scripting or Flashkit (or even an IM) when I'm not. I highly recommend any sort of monitor setup for any sort of visual computer work.

    As far as dual processors go, you may do a bit better-as multiple video cards eat system resources like mad, but Flash isn't terribly processor hungry-nothing like applying filters in Photoshop or anything.

    When you are using Photoshop and Flash in tandem, you can-well actually do that IN TANDEM! (Instead of task switching).

    If you are a windows man, you may want to investigate the new hyperthreading feature of the high-end P4s. This allows for multitasking (not task switching) on a single processor.

    Another time saving and ease-of-use favor you might want to do yourself (if you haven't already) is buy a multibutton mouse. I currently use a pair of Logitech Mx500's both at home and at work. They enable me to have shift, alt, ctrl, delete and undo all in my right hand.

    This is setup is working very well for me right now. I say, get yourself another video card and a monitor AT LEAST.
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    I'm looking at a 2.66 GHz P4 machine with Hyperthreading enabled and 1GB of DDR SDRAM. I Love the idea of a dual head setup but I'm experiencing a bit of the kid in a candy store syndrome; I can't quite decide on monitors. Good times I guess

    Thanks for all the insight!

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    If you possibly can, get the same monitors because it will resolve all those colour calibration headaches.

    I have had 2 for a while now, keep wanting to add a third to use just for email, IM etc. because I need both of mine for working on. Here at work we are four people in this particular part of the office, 2 monitors each, desks grouped together - it's a sight to behold

    - n.

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    pretty much i'm about to say the same thing everyone else said:

    flash doesn't utilize dual processors like photoshop or final cut pro, so you won't see any difference...(i used a dual-gig g4 at my last job)

    dual monitors are always key...i just use my powerbook and normal monitor at my new job, at my last one i had an apple studio display and a 21" crt...not bad at all...

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    Very cool!

    I've been struggling over the decision whether or not to go with two 17" SONY SDM X72's, but, these are not really intended for side by side use as they have built in speakers. This presents an audio problem. I thought I could simply leave the two inner most speakers disconnected, though, the audio connection is a single 1/8" stereo connection (similar to a headphone jack), so, this isn't an option.
    I have contacted SONY and everyone I speak to can't answer my questions about their products - wonderful huh? I was wondering if the monitor itself had a balance adjustment that I could simply use to accomplish this same goal? Tried downloading the users manual from the SONY site, this was unsuccessful also!

    The other option I was considering was to go with their SDM P82 (ProMonitor) intended for side by side use, but, because this piece lies in a different price bracket, I would have to put off the purchase of the second monitor till later - delaying the benefits of the two display work space for me.

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    Dumb question I know, but how do you go about operting from two monitors? Do you need a special graphics card?



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    You can buy a graphics card that has dual monitor output; or, as I have it, buy an additional graphics card.

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    That’s correct,
    Having either, two video cards, or one of the newer video cards that supports a dual head setup will work, though, your OS needs to be optimized to run this configuration; otherwise, you will simply see a duplicate image. I know that XP pro has this as an option. If you’re running earlier WINDOWS versions, there is a way, but, off the top of my head, I'm not sure how this setup is achieved!

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    no problem with win2k either, it finds the monitors and expands the desktop accordingly.

    - n.

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    I'm also thinking about running a wireless network to provide clients a remote monitor for viewing (via a laptop connected to the network using a Virtual Desktop app.) which captures my work screen, giving them a clear view of work while eliminating those annoying over the shoulder conversations!!!

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    Here is a great link.

    I run dual 17" and love it.
    Would never go back.

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    Very Cool,

    Thank you!

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