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Thread: How long does it take?

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    How long does it take?

    Hi all,

    i just want to know how long can it take for a freelance web designer to do a site like that -> www.2advance.com -> www.kimotion.de,

    how look would it take you guys to do that kind of design?
    And is it possible to do it alone, or maybee it's only possible for a team of designer?

    I'm trying to achieve that kind of stuff and for mee i think it would bee way too long , since i don't know all the possibilities for now of flash and actionscript. (i'm not really far ... ).

    Thank you all for your advices and comments...
    Jocelyn Deslauriers;

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    You can learn how to do that design in a few weeks.

    To do that design originally (as in not copying, but rather creating something your own) takes a relative number of years, depending on your involvement. I have definitely have enough skill to COPY 2advanced styles. But I doubt that I have enough design experience to have come up with that style originally. I need more time in the design field.

    For example, my schoolmate has become an incredible designer, and most likely will be known around the design world in a couple years. Yet his design skills two years ago were merely average. But because he involved himself with firm and freelance work over that time, his knowledge of the programs and design mentality grew exponentially.

    It's one thing to learn the coding and products like the back of your hand. It's another thing to learn how to design well.

    It's very possible to do those site alone. Look at GMUNK or Andru Phoenix (recruited by 2Adv btw) or Mike Young (WeWorkForThem) or Robert Lindstrom (DesignChapel).

    To summarize, there is no specific amount of time. Just put time and effort into working, learning, networking and constantly immersing yourself in design, and you'll evolve.
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    www.2advance.com - 2 minutes
    www.2advanced.com - a lot longer

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    it all depends of your skills:

    i've seen designers that suck at programming
    Programmers that suck at designing
    Designers that suck at photoshop, but are excellent at max 3d.

    There are so many tools to pick from:
    Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter, Swift 3d, Swish (ugh), Lightwave, Plasma, Max3d, etc....

    the style your site has also depends in what you're good at.

    Now, a site like 2A, isn't as complicated as it looks. If you analize it. Textures are simple, photo's can be get at a stock photosite. They just need a little editing with photoshop to be blue. What really is nice about that site is flash animations. If you're good animating in flash, maybe you'll need one month.

    Now, that is, if you have enough time, if you dedicate 8 hours a day to developing a site.

    Now, for example, www.terminator3.com took 9 weeks to be done. It's a cool site, not too amazing, but i'm sure it needed a team to be done.

    Also, i think the best way to be fast in developing something is: PLANNING. Before making your site, think about what you want to create.

    Pick a style, colors, fonts, create the artwork, buttons, layout, first on paper, after that start doing it on your pc. Make storyboards, if you're going to animate something, etc. Plan your work.
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