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Thread: Photoshop gif transparency

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    Photoshop gif transparency

    I am trying to create a gif with photoshop. when I create for web I loose the fade effect and the whole image is dark even with transparencies on. The only way I can get the transparencies is to save as PNG but then the file is too large. Is there a method to save as GIF and have the transparencies effect.

    Also is there a plugin creates GIF that applies the transparency. I tried PHOTOGIF but it does not do what I specified.

    Any help will be appreciated

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    My advice to you. Give up the fade effect. As far as transparancies go, keep it simple. Too many colors will add up in file "weight" and slow things down (for the web). Big fades never look good. Make sure first off that your gif is on a layer by its self w/ no background. Then save for web. Adjust your settings the way you like optimizing as much as you can without sacrificing all of your quality. Fewer colors make lighter files. Make sure that transparancy is selected and try to choose a matte color that closely matches your background or what ever it is that you are floating your image over. Choose a diffusion method that works for you too. (IMOP) Error diffusion is the best. Try a selective or perceptual color method. then save for web. Just in case.... Make sure you have gif selected and not jpeg .
    Best thing though, take what it is that you intend to float over and slice it out of the bkgd. the same size as your gif. and dont use transparency at all. Place your gif over it and flatten the image.
    (remember to save a copy first).
    Or try vector graphics and scratch bitmaps all together.
    Adobe image ready, (ships with photoshop) is better for web graphics as far as bmps are concearned. Everything stays around 72dpi.
    Hope that helps and good luck.... Transparency and the web can be challenging.
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    photoshop transparency

    thanks for the timely and helpful response.

    I'll try the suggestions.

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    Gif only supports full transparency or no transpency at all. Ulike PNG there is no middle ground. It's a limitation of the format.
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    ditto on megatoon...

    pixels are either there, or there not...there is no level of opacity like .png's

    depending on weather or not you want to re-use the graphic over and over... why not do a layout of your site... and take a "picture" of your image exactly on your background where you want it.. and save that as a .gif..

    In my experience... there are really few times you truely need a transparent .gif, you can usually always just create a picture of the image on the background it will be on, unless say it's for an application whose background color changes.
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