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    What is this about Vector graphics? You make a file in Freehand or Illustrator save it as a JPEG? And it is a vector graphic? Is that correct? what if you modify it in photoshop...is it still a vector? What makes a file a vector graphic?

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    Raster images have raw information contains information about the color of each and every pixel. Usually the larger the display size, the larger the file size. A disadvantage of a bitmapped image is when you zoom in, the image gets chunky looking. The
    filename extension of a bitmapped type is usually PSP, BMP, TIF, JPG, or GIF.

    Vector images contain information for another application to recreate the image from a set of instructions (turn left here, draw a circle, make this area red). Can be displayed or printed at any size and not get pixelated (chunky). File size is dependent on the number of instructions needed to recreate the output. Advantage, great for creating and printing logos, clipart, lettering and such, can be resized and keep the sharp edges. Disadvantage, does not recreate a photographic type image. Common filename extensions are PSP, EPS, PS, WMF, CDR.

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    A vector images is made up of mathamatical equations.

    A bitmap or raster image is made up of pixels.

    a vector images has the same file size no matter what the resolution or dimensions, a raster images is the opposite.

    Illustrator and Freehand are Vector programs, if you notice in illustrator you cant save the file as a jpg, only an ai or eps file, that is becuase those are deemed vector extensions, if you convert the illustrator file to a jpg then it gets converted into a raster image and looses all vector properties.

    I hope this clears things up.

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    real stupid question

    how can you use a vector image in a web page...that is the part I don't get.

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    you either import it into Flash and put an SWF in (SWF often uses vectors, all flash's native tools are vector)

    Or, you export to a raster image. However if you save the vector file you can modify the vectors later on, which can be useful. Vectors are also highly scalable, and easy to edit color-wise.

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