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Thread: Need Help With Database Search Problem

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    Need Help With Database Search Problem

    I am building a word dictionary. I have my database populated and I am using Flash - ASP and Access. Everything worked fine until I needed to add words with the same meaning.
    For Instance:

    Aloha - hello, good bye , welcome, farewell, love, affection, or best wishes.

    A hui hou - good bye until we meet again.

    I am no expert in ASP Access and Flash for that matter but I have typed in a database field two words each followed by a comma and it worked for a regular(non-Flash) ASP photo gallery search page I was working on.
    I tried separating search words with a comma but then my search just times out. I have to type the exact same search word or phrase into Flash that is in the database field or it will not return anything.

    So what I ended up doing is duplicating my columns and calling those extra columns into Flash. So if someone does a search for good bye then Flash will query the database and return Aloha and A hui hou.

    Now his actually works fine but now none of my other words in my database will retun anything. The rest of the search terms do not work at all. So when I type in hello it just times out. If it type in gffgsd a garble of letters it will return NOT FOUND. Yet hello is in the database but just times out.
    I don't understand why it stopped reading my database tables when I added duplicate columns. I have went over my code and database. I can get this thing to work just fine as long as I only need to search ONE word with ONE meaning.
    See half working sample HERE

    Any help would be great.

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