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Thread: could someone check something for me...

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    could someone check something for me...

    Hi guys,

    umm was re-designing my website the other day and thought it was looking ok, it's a mixture of Flash/html and was made the HTML was made in textedit and it was tested a mac on Internet Explorer and Safari on an iMac, I've just looked at it on my pc and it's gone crazy. Some of the html has all gone wrong but that's ok, what weird is that there should be a flash movie holding another flash movie yet it seems to be invisible, can you guys have a look at it on a mac and tell me what you see, thanks


    the website


    the movieholding movie

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    Seems to be working fine... a frame around some break-dancing potatos...??!

    check you have the latest plugin, there were some issues with loading in movies in earlier versions of the flash plugin for mac, but I think the latest release has fixed this.

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    no probs here, thats some crazy bass blastin' through my speakers. I love beats that make the entire house shake when the volume is about 30%, gotta love that.

    I don't like when you click a link everything reloads, and music starts over, do it all in flash.
    L. Jones

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