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Thread: Actions problem

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    Actions problem

    I'm looking for a simple solution to a problem I've encountered.

    I need the ability to have two "press, release" actions in the same scene with different results. The first one would open a new window with a new picture, the second one would resume "play" on the movie in the original window.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks much in advance!


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    Yes u can have one or more action on click of a button

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    this would toggle the buttons actions between opening a new window and playing the movie,

    on (release) {
    ++count; // add 1 to a variable,
    if (count % 2) { // check if the variable is odd or even, if it is odd,
    _root.stop(); // stop the movie and open a window
    getURL("javascript:window.open('filename.html','ne wWin','width=400,height=400');void(0);");
    } else { // otherwise it must be even, resume playing the movie

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