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Thread: Clueless newbie

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    Clueless newbie

    I have been tinkering with Macromedia Flash 6.0 and have noticed that when I try to save the work I have been doing, it saves it as a .fla file. When I try to upload this file to my webpage, it doesn't come up. My question is how do I go about changing this .fla file to a .swf file? And is that what I am supposed to do?

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    Yes..basically the .fla file is the "editable" file. If you know PHOTOSHOP at all...think of it as a .psd document.

    You can add/subtract add script..etc..etc the ".fla" through its authoring environment (FLASH). WHen you have .fla the way you like it, you have to "publish" it. Wich means to mor eor less compile it together into a format readable by the browser. (.SWF) What you can also do (and if you make 100% flash sites..should always do) in also when you "publish" your file...it makes an HTML file as well. This is the equvilent of embedding your FLASH MOVIE in HTML by hand.

    Once you publish your file...you then proceed to upload the HTML document.."AND"..the matching .swf file.


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