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Thread: Opening other executables in Flash?

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    Opening other executables in Flash?

    Need to know how I can run external executable files, if a user were to click on a link from within my Flash projector. I've tried it, and the only issue is that it seems to prompt me of a warning which advises that opening it may be harmful to my computer? Any clue as to how to get by this..... Thanks

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    Running EXE files from the web is never going to be seamless unless you can talk your users into lowering their internet security settings or installing a special "helper" plugin which basically bypasses the browser security.

    If you are indeed running EXE files from a projector then you shouldn't see any warning messages. The only thing I can think of that would pop up a warning in that case would be anti-virus software that was being about as over protective as it could be.

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    are u using flash MX????
    Where is the world??

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    Flash won't open .exe files from a .swf. You must publish a projector and have it use the FScommand to open the other .exe's. Here's something else: the .exe you are trying to open must reside in a folder (on the same level as your flash projector) named FSCOMMAND. Good luck.

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    You can use *********** - JStart.

    Download a FREE evaluation copy from


    Please take a look at the example files provided at

    :\Program Files\***********\JTools\Examples

    There are many examples in there for Flash 5 and MX.

    You should also take a look at the JStart help file

    Start -> Programs -> *********** -> JTools -> JStart JWeb JEmail.hlp ->
    Setting up JTool Links

    Please refer to the online FAQ questions as this is updated on a regular


    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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    Flash projectors can open .exe files with ease.

    1. Select your button (or frame).
    2. From the actionscript box choose "browser/network"
    3. then double click "fscommand"
    4. type the file name you want to open in the parameters field (like..."myapp.exe").
    5. then select "exec" from the drop down menu.

    code example:

    on (release) {
    fscommand("exec", "myapp.exe");

    6. remember that the actual .exe file you are launching must be in a folder named "fscommand". Drop me a line if you have trouble.

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