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Thread: please help!!! POP DOWN MENU

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    Cheers for clicking, im trying to do a pop down menu eg, when you roll over a button, a menu pops down and you can click on one of the 2 buttons and get directed to another url.
    Ive had a look at the flashkit tutorial and given it a go, but it really isnt that clear.
    Im not that awesome in flashscripting either which dosnt help, if someone knows of a heaps simple tutorial out there, or can send me a flash file to look at it would be hugely appreciated. Thankyou.

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    Here's an option if you are going to URLs that are outside of your Flash movie.

    Create your menu graphics, buttons etc. and save as a movie clip. (I'm assuming you know how to add links to your buttons located in your movieclip.) In your main flash movie position your movieclip on the stage where you want it to appear when you roll over the button (we'll call this button "Button 1") that drops the menu. In the keyframe that contains the menu movieclip (we'll call it "MC menu" for clarity, press <Ctrl+I> to open the Instance Dialog box. Name your instance "menu". Make sure your main flash movie contains at least 2 frames. In the first frame, double click on a frame in the time line to open the Actions menu. Press <Ctrl+E> to go to expert mode. Copy and paste the following code...

    tellTarget ("_root.menu") {

    This makes your movie clip invisible.

    Now,in frame to double click on a keyframe and type the following....


    In the actions for Button 1 in frame 2 copy and paste the following code.

    on (rollOver) {
    tellTarget ("_root.menu") {
    _visible = "100";

    This makes your movie visible. Now your movie is stuck open unless you create a button that you can place inside of your menu movieclip that makes your menu invisible. Create a button and call it "close_menu" Make it say something like "To close menu, clikc here." Put it in your menu movieclip and copy and paste the following code in the button's actions.

    on (release) {
    tellTarget ("_root.menu") {
    _visible = "0";

    Hope this helps!

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