Okay here goes, I am trying to build a speical calculator. Sorta like a mortage calculator but it isn't. To explain further I am only a beginner at flash and basically don't have much idea and can't find any good tutorials on basic maths in flash.

Anyhow basically I need these fields

Rate = dollar amount ie $2.66
Hours = 35 (for attendance)
CCB = percentage
sch.age = either 85% or 100%
PT loading = ranges from 100% to 110%
TOTAL = this will display the total in a Dollar amount

all these field are multipied together in that order to give a $$.$$ figure in the total field.

Would also be nice to know how to get the TOTAL field then to act in another calculation. IE TOTAL - FEE = GAP

SO if anyone could give me a hand with this I would ever so greatful.

Thanks heaps