I have a project that loads a txt file with variables that = numeric values. I am displaying it visually like this. for every 10 points there is a movie that I need to dupicate, and for every number 9-1 is represented by another duplicated movie. so in other words it would display like this


this variable would be identified in the text file &creditName = 23

and would display 2 instances of the bigger clip and 3 instances of the smaller clip.
these would be decremented for each click and save the new value to the text file.

I am looking for a way to break this up before I call duplicateMovie() these will be included in a loop script...I would post my script but it is not fully compiled as this is a vital portion of the script.

If it matters...I am writing this script so that when the user clicks the projector will save the updated variable in the text file.

thanks for any help...cuz lord knows I need it.