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Thread: putting together a portfolio, need suggestions :)

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    putting together a portfolio, need suggestions :)

    putting together a hard copy portfolio. i'm looking for any tips/tricks/guides to making a snappy portfolio for displaying my graphics and drawings. so far i'm thinking black card stock and mounting my pictures, but thats way boring.

    any suggestions? thanks.
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    you could make a flash presentation on C.D.
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    I think he asked about a print portfolio, not digital.
    There certainly is a big difference.

    I wish I knew the name of the brand of portfolio I have at home-I've never done anything with it, but bought the binder and refill pages at Barnes & Noble maybe two years ago. What's nice about it is that the front and back are pretty solid, and the unscrew from each other to allow for the refill pages to go in, which are square, matte black, thick cardstock. They are arrangable and I believe with the extra screws it comes with it can hold about 30 pages total.

    Hopefully the brand name is still on one of the refill page packages.

    Don't worry about your drawings being mounted on black-this is pretty standard, and if you had something elaborate it might distract from the work you're showing. Another way to look at it is to possibly use a few different types of backgrounds, possible a textured paper/stock, white, black, etc. It would make sense to look at how the background color and it's contrast against the image above it. Graphite sketches would show well on black, but images with more color would look better on white.

    I looked up portfolios on amazon, have a look at what comes up.

    You could learn a bit about various ways to make a portfolio that would help you do something unique that isn't like my suggestion above.

    Hope that helps, I'll see if I can find the name of the brand when I'm home later.

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    In my experience, if you're showing a print portfolio it should be professional, and traditional, not trendy, or exciting... let your work be exciting, not the portfolio itself.

    As for your portfolio, remember quality NOT quantity, also the people that look at your portfolio are going to remember 2 pieces..

    the best, and the worst.. you're portfolio is only as strong as it's weakest piece.. if you're not sure about a piece, yank it.

    If you're buying a port. check the pages, many of them are a pain in the A$$ to turn, the pages get caught in the middle and screws up your pages.

    Don't go with a big portfolio, (18 x 24 ) my opinion only, but I think they are difficult to lug around, and also difficult to show... awkward..

    If you have big pictures or works that you want to show off, shoot them with a camera and display that in your port.

    Just a few suggestions, all probably debateable.. hope that helps.
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