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Thread: making embedded fonts in a dynamic text box anti-aliased?

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    making embedded fonts in a dynamic text box anti-aliased?

    As i need to restrict the input of certain characters into a dynamic
    text box, ( ie i only want the user to input chars 0-9, ) ive used the embed font option on the property panel to restirct the input of
    a-z etc, however when i set the movie _quality=LOW the verdana font looks really broken. Is there a way to have aliased emebed fonts? or indeed a way to restrict characters and have aliased fonts in the dynamic text box?

    many thnx in advance,


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    You don't really want to anti alias fonts.

    It does not make them appear crisp.
    For clarity in fonts make sure to go to
    the transform panel and set the location
    to intergers and not decimals.
    Also avoid resizing the font.

    Fonts below a certain size start to break down.
    This is why pixel fonts are commonly used.

    In order for a pixel font to work correctly
    it must be set to a specified pt size
    ergo Arial11_for-Flash as an example only works
    at a pt size of 11

    two pixel font sites I recommend are
    orgdot is set at 8

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