i need to have a flash interface where i can send mail from it.
its like this.
i have my buddy's list which i am displaying from a database with their details like address, bday, phone number and email id.
now i have made the email id as a button.
when i click this i want to mail the particular person.
presently i am having the mailto code with the email id from the database which opens up the outlook express to mail, but i would like to have a MC appearing on clicking, with my friend's name and email id where i will add the subject and content.
some thing like this.
i get the name and mail id from the database.
now i will have input box for subject and content to fill with submit button.

I have designed the form like this in flash, i am actually using ASP.
my ASP programming is medium.

now can anybody can help me in doing this.
Any help is greatly appreciated.