I have set up a site which loads individual swf's into a main swf using both target and level loadmovie depending on what info is contained in the swf movie. This all works fine when I preview it and upload it to the server and all the swf's are in the same directory.

My problem is that I also want to publish it as a projector file. When I do this it works fine when the projector file is in the same folder as the movies and dynamic text files but when I try and use just the projector file on another computer or even just drag the projector file from the folder containing the movies it will not load the swf's. I know the other swf's are in my projector file as when I keep pressing play they run separately, but when I click on the buttons to load them into position nothing happens unless, as I say, the projector file is in the folder with the 'external' swf's.

Is this a limitation of the projector file or am I right in thinking that this should not be a problem?

Please help and thanks in advance.