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Thread: How to make a flash search button search my site

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    How to make a flash search button search my site

    Very beginner in flash.
    I have a postnuke site and decide to play with a theme . I use html as header and footer, and in the header.html I use a .swf movie where there's a search button with a static text area. I would like the search button to search in different area of my php postnuke site, news, stories, forum, etc, and display the results in the site as an usual search button on postnuke site.
    I browsed many post but did not find something for me. The movie is not part of the site, I mean that links in swf don't call function from php, it's standalone, each link use absolute path.
    Any idea?
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    in flash make a button and use getURL() to call a JavaScript function or hard code the search criteria into the getURL


    getURL("http://www.yoursite.com/searchscript.php?searchcriteria=somesearchstring", "_blank", "POST");

    hope it helps


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