I'm trying to setup my projector files for CD distribution. This needs to be a hybrid CD and I'm getting mixed stories on how I should set it all up.

The initial projector is tiny, and it loads separate swf's. However, I don't want the user to have to swim through the swf's so I'm wanting just the projector file in the main directory targeting support files in the sub-directory. I didn't think this was possible but reading the FAQ it appears it is:

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So when I try loading a movie in a subdirectory from the projector, it doesn't work. Is it possible? Is there a better way?

I guess I've had this question for awhile now because even when developing for web, I cannot run flash files in a subdirectory. I'm using DWMX, and even there I cannot embed a flash file in the page unless it is in the same directory. This makes for a very messy site. Could someone answer this one and for all?

Thanks in advance.