I'm taking this string (data) and exploding it twice to make new variables out of it. my problem is that at the end, I want to make an email for myself that has all the compiled information. so I want variables like $bookNo1, $title1, etc. and $bookNo2, $title2, etc.

so my question is this... how do I concatenate a number variable (that increments each time the loop plays) onto each variable in the list function?

I made a variable called $newKey that increments with each loop, so how do I hook it onto $bookNo? I tried this: $bookNo . $newKey but that doesn't work. please help! Thanks!!

PHP Code:
$data "bookone,titleone,authorone&booktwo,titletwo,authortwo";
$array explode("&"$data);

$array as $key => $temp) {

$bookNo,$title,$author) = explode(","$temp);

//So it starts with 1 instead of 0
$newKey $key 1