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Thread: Buttons in MovieClips

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    I've got this button (we'll call it "britney") embedded in MC "crocks" which is embedded in MC "cwatch" The "cwatch" MC is in frame 1 of my "home" scene. What I want to happen is when a user clicks on "britney" they goTo "crocks scene" and Play frame label "britney." For some reason this isn't happening from inside the MC. It works on a button just sitting in "home" scene. Any suggestions?

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    On(Release); {

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    I am trying to do the same kind of thin and are getting the same problems

    scene 1 has a movie clip in it - in the movie clip there is a button - I want this button to go to scene 2

    for some reason something this simple isn't working

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    monz, make sure you are targeting _level0 when you change scenes.

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