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    hey guys im from india and i just want to know how many people in here are from india. flash is just about getting popular here. just wanna know how popular it is and as for me... im tryin to get more people to join up flashkit cause i think its a wonderful place for overall flash development . just gotta say 1 more thing thanx flashkit!! owe u 1.

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    resolved Namaste!

    I don't know if anyone else from India is here, but I have visited India.

    It blew me away, architecture, people, food, everything. I really liked the place and I can't wait to visit again!

    Its good news to hear that Flash is Taking off there


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    hey kool
    i used to live in this place called antwerp in belgium and then i shifted to india. i thought this place sucked in the starting cause it was polluted and dirty...but now im used to it and trust me its a pretty nice place to live in except the heat. the architecture here is really good mainly from the mid starting 20th century. wat were u down in india for and where??
    well neways nice talkin to ya

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    I was there last year, met up with a mate in Bombay (Mumbai) then headed to Anjuna, then up to Dehli and then dehra Dun, then back over to Nepal

    It was a holiday, and it rocked!
    I might have to scan some pix in now my scanner works

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    yeah???? and you told me you spent most of the time on the bog

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    kool. lotsa ppl dont like india when they come here but its pretty nice a place . they think its still in the past but trust me its goin ahead pretty fast ( well a few places atleast ). ive started liking flashkit so much now im trying to get most my friends interested in webdesighning and flash in particular. i luv the idea of sharing your material with others. just makes every1 feel like a big family. well just a few thoughts from me

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