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Thread: (newbie) clip art graphics pasted or imported in flash

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    (newbie) clip art graphics pasted or imported in flash

    I have a collection of like 15000 clip art images and I thought it would be kewl to play with them. I change the colors etc. in PowerPoint and group them, then I would paste in Flash, if it is a metafile it comes in without the color edges, if it is a picture it looks bad, I have tried to edit the picture in fireworks and I save it as a transparent file but the transparencies never shows up when I import in flash. A question is, can I use stock graphics and if yes, what program (Freehand, Fireworks4, and Photoshop I have) can I use as an intermediary so that it shows up great in flash. Are there any formats I should save it in? I have also tried pasting as a flash drawing as well. Any assistance or pointers in the right direction (i.e. links) is greatly appreciated Help!

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    You can get transparent GIFs into Flash.

    Like in Photoshop:
    1. Open it or paste.
    2. Select graphics and paste on new layer if it doesnt have transparency. Delete things you dont need and delete background layer.
    3. Save for Web. Settings GIF and check transparency.
    4. In flash import picture.
    5. Open library (Ctrl+L).
    6. Right click on picture in library >> Properties...
    7. Uncheck Allow Smoothing and set Compression to Lossless (PNG/GIF).

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