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Thread: "World Class" Design?

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    "World Class" Design?

    Wasn't sure where to post this.

    A company I'm under contract with are producing an internal company presentation for a BIG computer manufacturer. They are offering me some of the design work but they asked if I'm sure I can produce something "world-class".

    It'll be distributed on cd and over a network. It'll be made with Flash MX and will have a good bit of video in it.

    I was wondering does anybody have any links to examples of something similar. Something like that wouldn't be online much which is a problem.

    I'm sure someone could point me to some world class sites ( 2a FI etc ) but its something more specifically corporate I'm looking for.

    Sorry if this is very vague but they've shaken my confidence specifically asking for worl class and I would just like to see how far the bar has been raised with regards to this type of work.

    Thanks in advance
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    First, tell your client that everything you do is world class, remembering that what each of us does is different unique, so the prime initiative is to get your confidence back and kick some but.

    Take a look at what your client's client already has, and see what you can do to improve upon it. ASk for a color scheme.

    I visited dell, gateway and IBM websites, they all look alike.

    If it is for a corporate intranet site that you are designing, stick to tthe tried and true, but give it your own unique tweak.

    I did a search on web site awards, take a look at this

    This is how I get my ideas on designing sites
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    <<< Hopefully less of an a**.

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    I would suggest Macromedia's website. Especially if video is a concern. I recall seeing some Flash MX video tutorials on there site where the video was extremely clean as well as the overall design. Sorry I don't have the link for you. I'm sure you can find some good techniques to create a nice balance between quality and download time.

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    Thanks for all the replies.
    dkriese I haven't had a proper look at those links yet but they look pretty helpful.

    Wouldnt say much of what I do would be world class but I'll give it a go.

    Only know the basics of using video in Flash but I think it should be enough as if I get too original it might be considered "artsy" and not corporate enough.

    Various shades of blue and techy stock photos here I come

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