Hi there

i'm in the middle of creating a big animated presentation in flash. To keep the file size of the final projector file to a minimum i have split the animation into sections so that there is one main movie that contains the intro, transitions between each sections and the ending. each of the four sections [external swfs] will be loaded in at key points with this kind of code:

this.createEmptyMovieClip ("section1_mc", 1);
this.section1_mc._x =0;
this.section1_mc._y =0;
this.section1_mc.loadMovie ("section1.swf");

i have got all of this bit working. the final presentation will be burnt onto cd-roms with an 'auto start' facility on them. so when they are placed into someone's pc the cd will automatically begin to run the projector.

What i am concerend about is that the external swf files won't be recognised on the players pc if they do not have the flasg player on their machine. the projector will play ok because it is self contained, but the swf files won't get pulled in at the appropriate places because they won't be recognised. I experienced this problem on a colleagues machine yesterday and it made me panic. we didn't have the files on a cd- we just copied them over onto his desktop. the projector was fine, but the swf file appeared as an unknown file format with a windows icon.

is there a way of getting around this by putting the flash player onto the cd-rom ???

any help with this problem would be a miracle as i've got a really impossible deadline and hardly any time to test it [working for big companies who don't understand what you do and only want the final product pronto is hell] and i need to know the best way of building this asap.