I'm doing a racing game in flash, and I was wondering for the intro-to-the-game, if someone could draw a figure like THIS but to have him costumed like a racing car driver.

I would like him to have the same posture and for the arm that is hidden behind his body, could it be drawn separately next to his body like so: Flash Animation 5: Creating a Complex Character of Movable Parts (but unbroken with the whole arm together) This will help to animate the character after I break down the parts myself.

Also, with the arm in the space next to the person, could I have a helmet (for the racing car driver) that I will be putting on and off the driver among the animation.

So all in all, a figure just like the one found in the first link with the same posture (including legs and feet) wearing the costume of a racing car driver and its posture the same with the arms and legs preferably in the same position with limbs at appropriate sizes to the figures' body. And the arm that would swing behind the character should be drawn separately in a blank space to the side - as shown in the second link, as well as a helmet by itself.

Thanks in advance.