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Thread: pixelated graphics, like 80's computer game style, how?

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    pixelated graphics, like 80's computer game style, how?

    does anyone know how i would go about creating a pixelated graphics look on flash for a website concept, something in the same league as that wicked video for 'junior senior' that i keep seeing on MTV on one of my many tea breaks, any advice or a tutorial i could be pointed towards would be da bomb!



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    do a search on ASCII ART on the net, that is how images were originally created on the computer. Tell me what graphics programs you are using and I will tell you how to pixelate your images.

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    This is the list of computer games that require DirectX 8.0 programmable Pixel Shader 1.1 support to run, eg. Silent Hill 3. Games such as Half-Life 2 that only need pixel shader 1.1 as an optional feature will NOT be listed here. Users of graphics cards such as GeForce 4 MX will therefore not be able to run Silent Hill 3, but will run Half-Life 2 without problems.

    * Alexander (needs confirmation)
    * Act of War: Direct Action
    * Advent Rising
    * Attack on Pearl Harbour
    * Battlestations: Midway
    * Black & White 2
    * Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods
    * BloodRayne 2

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