Hi! I have a portfolio site containing video clips, which I encoded for Flash MX in Cleaner 6 and Sorenson Squeeze 3. Each video clip swf loads into a player interface swf on a separate HTML page.

I'd really appreciate some technical feedback on how they perform on different systems. You'll need a fast connection, and the Flash 6 player. The site URL will check for this:

Look in the Film section, with special attention to Scratchings Excerpt 2 (and The Assumption Full length, if you have the time/bandwidth).

If you know you have the Flash 6 player, you can go straight to Scratchings Excerpt 2:
http://www.memoryburn.net/film/scratchExcerpt2.html (52 seconds, 3.7MB)
Sometimes the video suddenly goes back to the beginning, while the audio keeps playing. Sometimes the player crashes.
The same thing has happened with The Assumption Full length (3.5 mins, 20.5 MB):

Could you please let me know any problems you have plus your specs:
platform, operating system, browser & version, etc.
I use a Mac G4 Dual 500MHz with 320 MB RAM, OS X 10.2.4, Explorer 5.2 for Mac.

I hope you enjoy the clips, which are from my traditionally animated films, completed several years ago now. Make sure you turn up the volume (there are a few sound issues too, but that's a whole other topic - at the moment I'm interested in general functionality)!