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Thread: Hi there m8! wcoleman

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    Hi there m8! wcoleman

    Hi again and thanxz for the link...
    i was juz wondering that i installed a new windows xp than the one i had b4... is that right that its windows which gives swish the fonts??? i mean maybe my old win xp had this font but the new one doesnt have this font? because i m still using the same swish programe which i used b4 but now with the same swish in new win xp the font is gone... "monotype" in my operative system than i will get it in swish aswell???

    Thanxz!!! i really hope that m not bothering u!!!


    so what i mainly am asking u if i install this font

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    You old computer may have had other fonts installed along the
    way. Most image editing programs come with additional fonts.

    Windows XP comes with a very specific set of fonts that are
    needed to operate the system.
    If you have the old font you should be able to copy it from
    your old computer and install it into your new one.

    No fonts are actually installed by swish itself.


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