I was sitting working with director when I thought of two things regarding security of a swf...

1) Has anyone on the board tried to crack a flash presentation embedded in a director clip? I know it's simple to crack a SWF, but it also seems like Macromedia put a little more thought into Director. Maybe since Lingo is an offshoot of C+, something could be done. I was also thinking of the 'security by obscurity' idea. Not many people work with Director, so not many people have bothered to think about cracking a director file.

2) I forget who it is, but he can break open any high score table and several people have challenged him. I was wondering if the people who lost to him stripped everything but numbers out on the variable and validated the source?

3)And, if he's out there, would SSL encryption of the file stop you?

yeah, i know it's impossible to stop someone from stealing your work, but if we put our heads together, maybe we can make it harder.