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Thread: Call updating Image from PHP script?

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    Call updating Image from PHP script?

    I am working with a company that has a PHP Live Help system.
    We are now using this system with our web site.
    We are now in the process of re-doing our entire website.
    If you look on our index page http://www.itouchmedia.com you can see a blue LIVE HELP image on the middle left side of the screen.
    When one of our operators are logged the image displays the CLICK HERE in the image. When we are away it displays the Leave a Message text in the image. This is done through this companies PHP script. We are using a java script in our HTML page to call this information.

    I want to integrate this live help button directly into flash. The problem I am having is calling an image displaying the text of leave a message or CLICK HERE that is generated by a PHP script. Because the PHP script generates a change in the image when on of us is logged in I am not sure how to get a dynamicaly generated image from PHP into flash.

    I do not have access to the PHP code however the company I am working with asked me if I could link to this URL.

    http://www.MySite.com/image.php When I click on the link it displays the Live Help image on a page.

    Is there anyway to integrate an updating image via PHP and Flash how I am describing?
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    if the generated image is jpeg, you could use standard loadmovie() function.
    The best solution, of course, would be to talk the programmers into making a variant of the php script that outputs a flash var.
    Another solution would be a server script that calls the other script, downloads the image and compares it to a sample. The net result, again, would be the server script sending flash variables


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