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Thread: Coding Javascript in Flash

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    Coding Javascript in Flash

    I want to write Javascript in Flash so I can put in to a button and create a new PopUp Browser Window from a Flash Movie.

    What I want to know is......

    1. Do I write the Javascript in the getURL "window"

    2. Do I write the Javascript in one line , <HTML><HEAD><TITLE> or do I write it

    3. How do I move words blow each other when writing text in an action script function as it only appears to set text in a continueous line.

    4. Do I write the Javascript in the same getURL as the button.

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    if you're going so far as to dynamically write out the HTML contents of a page using javascript then you would want to do that prior to the getURL call since its going to involve a lot of text. At any rate, the script you are using in the javascript itself will have to be added to a string variable, and one line at at time. ie.

    myJS = "document.write('<html><head><title>";
    myJS += "Welcome to my page</title></head><body> ...";
    myJS += "... </body></html>);";

    etc. Then in the getURL you would use


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