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Thread: is this true?

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    Originally posted by bit-101
    this is zeno's paradox.
    another example of it is:

    two runners are having a race. one is much much slower, so he gets a head start.
    runner one starts, and a few seconds later runner two starts.
    but no matter how slow 1 goes, and how fast 2 goes, 2 can never pass 1.
    say 1 has run 100 feet when 2 starts.
    1 runs to the 100 foot mark. but by then, 2 has run another 50 feet.
    so 1 runs another 50 feet, but now 2 has run another 25.
    this can continue infinitely, the gap always closing, but he can never pass the leader.

    you can also use this to prove that motion itself is impossible.
    in order to move anywhere, you first have to travel half that distance. but before you can travel half, you have to travel half of that. and so on. so you can never move at all, because the recursion is infinite.

    of course these are paradoxes, because they seem logical,but don't reflect what we see in the real world.

    in a computer, you can't model these situations perfectly, because eventually you hit the limits of "smallness". a variable can't hold an infinitesimal amount.

    it's possible that the universe itself is built like that. that there is a finite limit to how small you can get. after that, you don't move through a space, you just jump across it - it would be a very very tiny distance, but it would be impossible to define "half" of that distance, since that is the minimum distance of the physical universe.
    I have to say something on the first example.
    Let say that 1 started when 2 reached 100m,when 1 reached 100m,as 2'speed is half of 1,he is now at 150......
    Notice the time,if it took 5sec. to let 1 run to 100m,then it would take 2.5 sec to run to 150m,that means,the time this happening is getting smaller and smaller,may be 0.0000000001......
    So,may I ask:if 1 took 5 sec. to run 100m,what will happen when 20sec is passed?
    In fact,LET there is a point where 1 meets 2,and x meters is the distance 1 ran up till this point,since 2's speed is half of 1,he has ran x/2+100
    So,in fact,in the above example(modifed by me),1 meets 2,at 200m after the start.
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