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Thread: dv audio as microphone

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    dv audio as microphone

    hey all
    trying to record video in to flashmx as flat file to be uploaded later to flashcom server

    having trouble getting windows to recognize dv audio source from firewire enabled camera

    in other words i can get the digital video in but flash wont regonize the audio source it works on the mac but not on the pc what up


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    I'm not really sure what you mean by "record a flat file for later upload" ? But at any rate, I think what you're trying to do is to get your dv audio to show up as a microphone in a flash movie?

    Can you get to the audio with any other software on the pc?


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    yea figured it out

    macromedia does not support dv audio thru the firewire cable that was the problem, so i have to use an external condenser mic and audio interface thing sucks

    but oh well it works
    the problem is that i need pro audio quality and i was hoping to get that thru the firewire from the camera ****ing macromedia

    thanks for repling

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    Unless I'm missing something here, couldn't you (on the PC) just select the mono or stereo mix from the record setting in the volume properties?

    Then you would get the audio from the DV through the soundcard.
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