Hi I am creating a promotional hybrid cd for myself based on my site:


I am building it at 800 x 600 and using full screen, but with allowsacale disabled so as not to distort the jpegs / gifs used. I have a main movie projector file and the rest of the content are swf's loaded into a blank movie clip on level 0. I am building it on a Mac and I find that when you click one of the buttons to call one of the swf's it briefly shows the desktop for a split second. Strangely this only happens on the first button click and does not happen on the PC? Anyone know how to stop it?

Also how do you allow for different machine speeds? Do you make it for the most common and if so what is it P2 / P3?

And lastly, sorry about this, since Mac player is slower, if I make the frame speed faster on the Mac projector am I right in thinking the content files will adopt the speed of the host file?