Hi folks-

I'm on a MAC running OSX trying to burn a hybrid CD [WITH SHARED CONTENT] using Toast Titamium.

I've read the FAQ over and over for stand-alone apps and I've still found some problems.

So basically I understand I need my hybrid setup like this...

1) My PC files are prepared as:
(a) In root directory: autorun.inf, icon.ico, begin.exe
(b) Once begin.exe is run, it needs to open files in /support/

2) Using Disk Copy, I make a MAC Image containing:
(a) begin (PROJECTOR FILE), .volumeicon.icns
(b) Once begin is run, it needs to open files in /support/

3) Support folder: Everything else is shared between MAC/PC.
I understand I need to make a temporary partition to contain the shared files, but every time I try in Toast (utilities/create temp part...) it gives the following error:
"Couldn't complete the last command because of a MAC OS error. Result code: -50"
So what am I doing wrong? I've gone to Apple's site without success. I need this shared folder accessible on MAC/PC because the content is too large to be duplicated on both sides.

And by the way, my autorun.inf file doesn't work. Any suggestions? It says:

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Any help is much appreciated!

grace and peace-