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    Please Help

    i am making all the bits and pieces of my site in flash, and piecing them all together in dreamweaver in frames. on the side, i have a scrolling image in one of the frames that i want to be navigated by another flash files navigational buttons in another frame. Is this possible? i want the scrolling image on the side to move up by one each time i click on one of the nav buttons.

    also, how do i get a button to stay on the down state when clicked? so users know that that is the page that they are on.

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    Why don't you make the whole site one flash movie?

    Would be much easier to load the elements into one movie... that way you can communicate between elements easier.

    If you want to have different flash movies on the same HTML page to "talk" then you need to use ---> "shared objects"

    Search at Macromedia and you will find all the info you need.

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